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Welcome to the HOGA Experience at Gaharu Tea Valley Gopeng (務邊沉香山茶園). HOGA had a quiet and unofficial inception in 1992. At present, the plantation located within the quaint little town of Gopeng, has 200,000 trees of a special 12 in 1 super hybrid Aquilaria spp and other natural attractions that will leave you mesmerized.

The Gaharu tree although listed as an endangered species by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna known as CITES, is not only organically cultivated here to further prevent its extinction but Gaharu Tea Valley Gopeng is the only plantation with 300 acres of the special 12 in 1 hybrid Aquilaria spp trees.

Due to its uniqueness, this Super Hybrid of all Gaharu has been aptly coined as HOGA (Holistic Gaharu). It is indeed holistic in its quality as its benefits can be extracted from every part of the tree.

Gaharu, commonly known as Agarwood and also called Eaglewood, Aloeswood, ChenXiang, (沉香), Jin-koh (沈香), or Oud (عود) in different countries, has many beneficial and healing properties. Possessing such an array of valuable qualities, Gaharu has played a vast and significant role in Middle Eastern, Chinese and Ayurvedic cultures and the earliest documented use of Agarwood was in 600 AD but its existence in the medicinal world goes way beyond these records.

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